Christmas Fruit & Veg Box


A lovely selection of fresh vegetables, fruit and salad with local free range eggs. Perfect for a traditional festive family feast. (Image for illustrative purposes only, contents will vary)

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1 Cauliflower

1 Cabbage

1kg Carrots

3 Leeks

3 Parsnips

500g Brussel Sprouts

2.5kg Potatoes

4 Jacket Potatoes

1 Swede

500g Broccoli

1 Net Cooking Onions

1 Net Red Onions

3 Mixed Peppers

250g Mushrooms

1 Lettuce

1 Cucumber

1 Cress

1 Celery

1 Bunch Spring Onion

1 Punnet Cherry Tomatoes

4 Slicing Tomatoes

1 Pack Cooked Beetroot

6 Bananas

1 Bag of Apples

1 Bag of Pears

1 Bag of Satsumas

4 Oranges

1 Lemon

1 Lime

1 Punnet Grapes

1 Pack Dates

1 Pack Mixed Nuts in Shell

6 Large Eggs

Contents may vary due to availability. Any replacement items will be of equal value. We will attempt to notify you of changes in advance.